What is Skylow

Skylow was born after recognizing a strong unmet need among the SME’s . These companies, when rapidly growing, face new opportunities and challenges in their travel management.
This may lead to chaos when responsibilities and tasks are not well defined, when a second travel agent is introduced in the company, or when many booking tools are used. This chaos causes a blur around the travel spent, a waste of time and energy and eventually a waste of money.
With Skylow, employees and travel managers can be free to handle their daily tasks instead of dealing with planning trips, comparing prices and reporting their expenses.
We built a simple tool to help SME’s manage their business travels tasks end to end.
The platform includes travelers’ profiles with all of their travel preferences, trip planning, approval process - enforcing the company policy and expense reports while presenting clear and detailed reports about the budget and budget spent.
We know you love working with a travel agent and we don’t want to change that. Skylow doesn’t replace the travel agent, On the contrary, it gives both sides a simple and effective tool.
Our team brings together expertise across product, engineering and 25 years of experience in the Travel field.

Why companies need Skylow

There is typically chaos around managing travel in organizations. Skylow puts an end to that, reduces costs, and saves time and energy.

There are 4 main benefits companies gain by using Skylow:
  • A simple workflow for all corporate travel activities in the organization
  • Quotes from multiple travel agents are presented side by side which allows easy comparison and decision-making.
  • Management gets access and insight into all the processes related to travel in the company (from the requests and quotes, to the expensing and reporting)
  • Periodic reports are issued to easily understand travel trends and expenses

Why travel agents need Skylow

Because Skylow is such an indispensable travel tool for SME’s, travel agents need to be part of it, in order to be in the loop and get access to new business leads - an agent who isn't there is missing out.
It is in the travel agents best interest to promote Skylow to their existing business clients since once a company uses Skylow, the travel agent gets exposure to 100% of the company’s travel requests.
Skylow organizes all the travel requests and gives the travel agents in-depth reports about their clients requests and their employees performances.

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