Why Skylow

Our platform centralizes all travel processes: requests, authorizations, expensing, bookings & reports, even for companies who work with multiple travel agencies. This enhances transparency, efficiency and productivity.

We know you love the special treatment and the 24/7 support you get from your Travel Agent. But do you really know how much each trip actually costs? Can you constantly track your trip’s budget? How can you be sure that your employee has selected the flight option that is in the company's best interest? Or that you are getting the best rates? How do you keep track of quotes and authorizations? How much time does it take you to approve the trip expense report? Skylow is a travel management system that provides you with a simple solution to all these issues.

Your Chaos can be a Modern & Simple Travel Process with Skylow.



Your travelers receive and select their preferred proposals from your travel agents while using a simple interface.



Your travel manager oversees all the travel process on a dashboard and enforces travel policy compliance. Moreover, you can easily know “who is where” in a click.



Our dashboards provide full transparency and invaluable insights thanks to the expense report system that centralizes all expenses related to the trip.

How it works

Skylow enables small to mid-sized companies to reduce their travel expenses and regain complete control over all their travel activities by managing all their travel-related tasks from one shared platform.

  • Employees fill out their business travel requests (hotels, flights, cars, insurance, etc.) which are sent to your company’s travel agents.
  • Propositions are received and can be easily compared.
  • If your company's policy requires an authorization process, the trip is automatically sent for review and approval
  • Your travel agent issues the tickets as usual.
  • Travelers can quickly upload their travel expenses on the go.
  • The system collects data and displays it in detailed reports.

Who is it for?

Skylow was specifically designed for small to mid-size companies that work with one or many travel agents, and have a travel budget from X to Y


- Meet Your Reports Dashboard
- How To Approve Employees Expenses

Travel Manager

- Meet Your Workflow Dashboard
- How To Approve A Trip


- How To Book A Trip
- How To Report Your Expenses

Travel Agent

- How To Place An Offer
- Issue Tickets And Book Offers After Approval

Why Travel Agents Love Skylow

Small and medium sized companies desperately need a tool to help them organize and control their travels. This puts the travel agents in a risky position where they might lose their clients to online booking tools. Skylow does not replace the travel agents, on the contrary, it empowers them by offering a solution that is beneficial to both the travel agents and the company.

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